Born the 4th out of 7 siblings at the young age of 6 JT begin his singing career as the drummer and lead singer of a 5 member gospel group called the Taylor X (created by his mother).  The Taylor X performed at local churches around Columbus Ohio where they were locally known for their talents with instruments and gospel songs both written and produced by their mother. 

At the age of 14 JT continued to pursue his gift of singing and formed a R&B group consisting of 4 members (JT, Carlos McKinney, Vandell Parks and Eric Whittaker) called  TFC “The Freshest Combination”.  TFC competed in several amateur contests winning a city wide talent show that granted the group a trip to New York to perform at the Apollo Theatre.  After their experience at the Apollo the group chose to go their separate ways to pursue personal interest and career opportunities with the exception of JT & Carlos.  
Back to square one; JT and Carlos put together another group called R.A.T.E.D R (Reckless Attitude toward Entertainment Dominance) who began their singing careers like most groups; name changes, little money, long road trips and years of performing in local talent shows.  After winning several amateur contests it was time to take the group to the next level. Being diligent and dedicated to the industry brought them recognition and made them knowledgeable. They were later recognized by Lady Logan the formal heavy weight boxer. She introduced R.A.T.E.D R to Gerald Valentine and Melvin Riley from the group “Ready for the World” putting them on a professional level.   

R.A.T.E.D R’s first professional project came on the music scene in April of 1998 with an album titled “Tomorrow 2 Yesterday”.  The 14 track album expressed a smooth intoxicating sound that enticed Hip-Hop and R&B Lovers beyond national levels.  The first single “Brand Nu Groove”, was selling throughout the Midwest and California with the video first airing October 1999 in New York.  The second single “4 Steps” was features on the Midwest Funk Vol. 1.  The third slow and sexy single track titled “Natural Thang” was featured during a love scene in a B.E.T movie titled “After All”, which starred Holly Robinson Pete.  While the activity of Tomorrow 2 Yesterday was radiating in the US; Rated R was licensed in Japan and released a single titled “Stay with me”.

The handsome trio (JT, Carlos and Dink) originated from Columbus Ohio developing a unique Midwest sound that set them apart from the ordinary R&B trend.  Practicing and performing weekly improved and blended their harmonies to perfection.  Pure soul perfection, hard work and determination has provided them an opportunity to travel the world performing in many states in the US and foreign countries.  They were also provided with the experience of opening with national recording artist such as: Jade, Adina Howard, BeBe Winans, Wu-Tang, Blackstreet, Dru Hill, Usher, Janet Jackson, Dana Dane, Boyz II Men, Ready for the World, Troop, Zapp, Ohio Players and Next.

R.A.T.E.D R’s second debut album, “Love & Life”, was released in the spring 2009.  Love & Life promotes a smooth vibe targeting the mature audience.  The harmony and charisma from JT and Dink are phenomenal; it brought a real meaning to the R&B sound.  Their rich vocals combined with their tantalizing beats have the amazing ability to intrigue audiences of all cultures and musical backgrounds.

In 2011, after several dedicating years with RATED R, JT thought it was time to pursue a solo career and composed a solo album titled “Release”.  JT feels that now is the time for his fans to become more personally connected by enticing and mesmerizing their minds through his music and lyrics as he tells the stories of his life experiences”.   JT writes, co-produce, and collaborate with various artists to create a heartfelt, soul searching, up close and personal work of art that gives the audience a comprehensive understanding of him.