When you think of soulful R&B, you think of JT. A native of Columbus Oh, he is incredibly equipped with raw talent and can display an amazing ability to intrigue audience of all cultures. JT was born into music; his interest wasn’t sparked until the tender age of 3 when he began to focus on drums. He came from a mother who expressed a strong passionate in music, which she instilled in her seven children. She groomed her children into a gospel group called the (Taylor X) where at the age of six JT became the lead singer of original music written and produced by his late mother, Helen Saunders. People use to call her Joe Jackson, (lol)... We rehearsed every day from sunup to sundown perfecting steps and harmonies, we thought that was normal, we didn’t realize the gift until later in life.


During many life experiences JT, Carlos, and Dink began to challenge the music industry as they became exposed to the world as Rated R (Reckless Attitude toward Entertainment Dominance) the national recording R&B group from the Midwest. After dedicating several years to RATED R; JT decided to branch out on his own with an album titled “Release.”  To create a unique sound, JT collaborate with producers (Maestro and D Soundz) capturing a sound defined as the Old School Flava with a New School Twist. Always on the grind, when JT is in his mediated state he ends up in the lab writing, co-producing, and collaborating heartfelt, up and personal, soul-searching pieces of art that give the audience a piece of him.


 JT always have been a competitor and up for the challenge. There’s nothing worse when he sees talent that’s lacking passion “No willpower to sacrifice and invest in one’s own dreams.”  If this is your passion, your love, hold on to your dream and continue to grind! The artist is an entrepreneur, entertainer and mentor that communicates to the world by inviting fans into their lives through music. We’re like a character, a musical author that’s what has always inspired him. When you listen to his music or watch his videos, it will always spark an emotion because of his passion.


Well, throughout his career he has met and performed on stage with numerous artist. Rated R has had the pleasure of opening for the late great Gerald Levert at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, Janet Jackson “The Red Velvet Tour” which was a powerful moment for so many reasons. Just having the opportunity to perform in front of hundreds of thousands of people, to this day that makes him feel like entertaining is where he belong. However, the most memorable moment was when he got a chance to spend time with Earth, Wind, and Fire backstage and see their full rehearsal that blew his mind “JT stated.”  It taught him the difference between just being a singer verses an entertainer.


Music wise JT feel like there’s so much to explore; he released his hot new single February 14, 2016 titled “Fall in Love” that captured true love. He’s back in the lab working on a new project that’s diversified to take you on a ride from the bedroom to the dance floor. He will capture the mature audience with the “Fall in Love” crossover single that will captivate lovers as they too can relate to being loved. While enjoying the “MidWest Shuffle” an up temple Line Dance flow that gets the party goers on their feet. True life grinding we all hustle to survive “the hustle is silence, now let your success make the noise” so fans get ready it’s all about you! Always remember that you control your destiny; it’s not over until you decide it’s over.



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